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Truck Chassis Assembler

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Satellite Industries


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Dahlonega, GA


Lumpkin, GA

Job Description

Position Summary:
Install chassis mounted tank and pumping equipment for use in the liquid waste industry. Most common uses for the trucks are portable toilet service, septic service, waste oil collection and grease collection.

Installation Overview:
Most common installations include the mounting of a vacuum tank to the truck chassis with various types of mounting brackets. The vacuum pumping systems are generally power take off driven or hydraulic driven and are bolted to the truck frame. Water delivery systems are generally 12V electric driven, along with work lights, back up cameras, and other various safety systems. All legal lighting and bumpers must also be installed.

Work Environment:

This job operates in a manufacturing operation setting. The role is exposed to high heat in the summer and low temperatures in the winter for limited amounts of time. 

Physical/Mental Demands:
This job could require standing, squatting, climbing and working on ladder or step stool. The weight is up to 50 lbs lifting working in heat/cold.

Hourly Rate


How to know if this opportunity is for you

You Enjoy

working indoors, working with others, thinking, working with equipment

You are

18 years or older

You must

be able to pass a background check, be willing to participate in a Drug Free Workplace including passing testing

You have experience

General Skills Needed: General knowledge of 12 volt electrical systems and wiring installation Ability to read wiring diagrams and blue prints Ability to use measuring devices like a tape measure, levels and micrometer Ability to use power tools like, drills, saws, air tools, etc. Light welding, cutting & metal fabrication General mechanical knowledge Ability to safely operate lifting equipment like hoists and lift trucks Ability to read installation manuals for a variety of truck equipment and install them as per instructions PTO installation skills are a plus Hydraulic experience is a plus A Good work ethic and an eagerness to learn are a must.

Listed By

Satellite Industries

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