MFG Sector Employers identified Employability Skills as the #1 needed skill in the workplace and then further narrowed them into 4 categories – Continuous Improvement, Curiosity, Desire to Learn, and Motivation. MFG Sector Employability Skills Workgroup worked with partners to produce 18 videos and lesson plans for this You Tube Channel to use in the classroom. Each Employability Skill Lesson Plan and PowerPoint below outlines which video(s) go with it.

Featured Video

Desire to Learn

3 Videos with Lesson Plans on the Desire to Learn

Continuous Improvement

“Awesome, now how do we make it better next time?”

8 Videos and Lesson Plans on Continuous Improvement


7 Videos and Lesson Plans on Motivation


“How does this work?” is music to your ears!

6 Videos and Lesson Plans on Curiosity