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Injection Molding Process Engineer

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Job Description

Position Title: Process Technician

Department: Molding

Reporting to: Molding Supervisor

Process Technician

Objectives (Description of Responsibilities)

The responsibility of the Process Technician includes but is not limited to, basic mold set up and mold processing including independent set-up, start-up, and maintenance of tooling upon instructions as well as guarantee a smooth production sequence and the necessary introduction of improvements. Be the technical “go to” person for the team lead of molding. They will perform the assigned tasks according to the direction of the manager. The Process Technician will report to the Injection Molding

Sole Responsibility / Assignments to be completed by the position:

Responsible for mold changes
Check all auxiliary equipment including but not limited to dryers, thermolators, chillers.
Assure that all equipment is working, and the filters are clean.
Responsible for the work order request for maintenance for the equipment.
Responsible for the startup and shut down of the presses.
Clean and maintain molds in area.
Submit work order when starting up a job.
Review the job requirements with personnel responsible for running the job.
Respond to all corrective actions as quickly as possible.
· Keep all processes up to date. If changes are made to the process, record the reason for the change on the molding log. Record down hours, and codes

· Adjust production parameters within the tolerance specifications as permitted and authorized

· Report any safety issues or concerns to the molding manager and the maintenance manager

· Understand the current quality guidelines of the company

· Report any changes (production sequence, workplace design, changes to parameters, etc.)

· Record or check the documentation according to the specifications

· Check and verify correct mold change is completed accurately by mold setter

· Review production releases and ensure accurate completion by due date

· Support the implementation of the defined 5s standard

· Adhere to all safety guidelines outlined by OSHA and Nifco KTW

· Responsible for the safety of equipment as well as that of the operators

· Assist in the training of new employees

· Assist in troubleshooting and identifying defects, as well as the implementation of solutions.

· Accurately complete appropriate paperwork and/or enter into computer

· Continuous participation in improvement of processes and procedures

· Inform and work with the team lead and quality department about quality discrepancies

· Work with the team lead on borderline quality decisions

· Communicate about quality problems, work that still needs to be completed and all required information with other shifts and departments

· Independent recognition of flaw features as well as actively contributing to detecting defects.

· Forwards suggestions for improvement to the shift supervisor and manager

· Immediately informs the shift supervisor about detected quality issues and malfunctions within work area.

· Conscientious handling of the provided tools

· Comply with all regulations regarding workplace safety and accident prevention in everyday operations as well as informing the supervisor if deviations are detected during the shift.

Other Main Duties:

Technicians must have completed Mold Set Up training, Mold Processing and Troubleshooting courses or have equivalent experience.
Knowledge of injection molding and operations.
Ability to work with all auxiliary equipment including dryers, thermolators, chillers, etc.
· Technical “go-to” person for associates in the production area

· Participate in the implementation of new production plans and technologies as well as validation of new molds

· Behave in a positive manner that enhances the success of the company

· Responsible for the cleanliness of the work area

· Good verbal communication between the departments and shifts

· Supports the shift supervisor to ensure all regulations regarding order and cleanliness are complied with throughout the company.

· Contributes continuously to improve processes, procedures, operational figures, and informs the supervisor about suggestions for improvements.

· Other duties as assigned by manager/supervisor


Basic computer skills

Basic math

Forklift training

Forklift certification at Nifco KTW

Excellent attention to detail

Able to read and comprehend


Excellent verbal skills

Applicants must have at least a high school diploma/GED or equivalent

Prefer at least 2 years plastic injection molding experience

Must have good vision and eyesight

Must be productive in a team environment

Must be able to stand, walk, bend, stoop for extended periods of time

Required to work overtime as scheduled

Job Type: Full-time


Dental insurance
Health insurance
Life insurance
Paid time off
Retirement plan
Vision insurance

8 hour shift
Supplemental pay types:

Signing bonus
Work Location: One location

How to know if this opportunity is for you

You Enjoy

working indoors, working with others, fixing things, making decisions, working with equipment

You are

18 years or older

You must

be able to pass a background check, be willing to participate in a Drug Free Workplace including passing testing

You have experience

Working with Injection Molding machines as previous experience is required.

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