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Heat Treat Operator

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Dahlonega, GA


Lumpkin, GA

Job Description

• Demonstrate basic computer abilities, including: data input in Microsoft Excel, USPC, Oracle, Heat Treat Issue Program; operate other windows-based software used to control, monitor or record data
• Always use and wear required PPE
• Participate in all required plant trainings
• Record data on Abnormality and 4M log as required.
• Safely operate powered and unpowered trucks to transport, load and unload containers of parts.
• Use and verify hardness tester calibration
• Perform quality (hardness) checks and accurately record quality data
• Accurate time, production and scrap reporting. (both written and electronic)
• Operate equipment to achieve the specifications listed on the operation sheet and sign off when complete.
• Consistently produce a quality product that meets internal/external customer needs.
• Contain and report scrap as needed
• Maintain furnace log legibly and accurately
• Set, operate, adjust and monitor heat treat equipment and systems including: temperature controllers, flow meters, pressure gages, speed controllers, furnace control systems for pumps, skimmers, vibrators and motors
• Schedule furnace production per heat treat WPI
• Load and unload furnaces, occasionally moving containers by hand with assistance of rollers
• Perform washer fluid titrations and chemical additions
• Perform burnouts as scheduled
• Perform seasoning as scheduled
• Perform Operator PMs daily or more frequently, if required
• Monitor and maintain quench oil tank levels
• Operate Post Heat Treat NRB washer
• Turn furnace retorts during power outage
• Maintain VM and 5S standards, operating floor scrubber as necessary.
• Train new employees as necessary
• Participate in continuous improvement process (i.e. tanzakus, QC Circles, TPM activities, Intercompany workshop, etc.)
• Perform other duties as required by manager, supervisor or team leader

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How to know if this opportunity is for you

You Enjoy

working indoors, working with others, fixing things, working with equipment

You are

18 years or older

You must

have a valid driver's license, be able to pass a background check, be willing to participate in a Drug Free Workplace including passing testing


• High School diploma or GED • Must be able to lift up to 40 pounds • Must score at least in the 50th percentile on required testing. • Must tolerate temperature extremes up to 140 degrees for up to 30-minute intervals

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